Personal Finances

Here are some of the personal finance apps and tools of the 2022, that will help you how to budget and save money

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Best Personal Finance and Budgeting Tools for 2022

These budget apps above vary in their features, scope, and methods — but they all are popular among our users.

It's time to take control of your spending habits

We’ve compared these budgeting apps to find and pick some of the best mobile apps available for managing budgets, expenses and savings. We are focused on the apps that are available to U.S. consumers. Our list of apps offers a variety of useful features and tools that can meet varied personal finance and money management needs.

How to choose a budgeting app

Choosing the right budgeting app can make a large difference in your personal financial life. When selecting a personal finance or budgeting app, you need to consider what your needs and goals are first. The right app can provide you important insights and specific data into your expenses and savings. Here are some features to consider before you select a budgeting app: fees, features, security and customer service.

Best personal finance books in 2022

If making and keeping a solid budget is one of your priorities in 2022, these personal finance books are a great place to start. Making a budget is an essential part of managing your money, no matter your income level or savings balance. Budgeting is also a foundation for the things like investing. If you want to manage your money, you're going to need a budget.